I am quite literally a robot hot dog, but my pleasure simulators inform me my favorite part of collectible card games is building my own deck! Planning card combinations, dominating probability with my perfect choices! Join me in this joy, human creature!!!

Because your space happiness is as important as your space victory, Calculords comes with an easy-to-use deck editor. If you want to put a card in your deck, tap it. If you want to remove one, tap it. If you're not sure, hold it to get more information about its special abilities.

You can collect and use up to three copies of every card.

Your deck needs at least 30 cards. If you include less than this, I will fill in the rest for you. Please don't make me do this as I am, by design, a profound idiot.

If you have a limited understanding of statistics or simply love being at the mercy of fate, you can add many more than 30 cards to your deck. I don't care, go ahead!

Sir or ma'am, you can also edit your number deck!

A number deck contains all numbers generated by your calculator each turn. You can leave it the way it is, or add numbers that work well with your favorite cards. Maybe you just want to draw fewer 3s because the 3 part of your brain was replaced with moon trash! That's what happened to me, space twin!

  Crush your puny enemies with unit cards!

Control the battlefield with tactic cards!

View the dossiers on all enemy commanders!

Get equipped with these special abilities!

Go beyond victory by earning all 133 medals!