What a curious mind you have, splendid star traveler! Allow me to explain tactics to you. If unit cards are cake, TACTIC CARDS are the icing. Here are a few fantastic examples, dear friend!

We'll start with one of the most useful tactics: GUNG HO! It's so easy I use it in my deck, and my data processing systems are technically a chemical toilet!
For a cost of 12, you give an entire lane of troops +1 AP. You just turned a column of tiny soldiers into cosmic death machines in an instant! Surprise, space enemy!

Curious friend, if you ever want to learn more about a card while playing, you can get an expanded view like this! It gives details about its capabilities and even tells you which enemy you need to defeat in order to procure it!

STRAFING RUN! takes a more direct approach to killing your foes. It hits every enemy unit in the lane for 2 damage.

With this single card, you can wipe an entire army of mutates off the map!

Here's one with a more unusual type of aggression. It weaponizes SGT. BLOK's disdain for offensive troops. Use this on me and I have to throw away all my red unit cards! This is much easier than waiting for me to deploy them and then shooting them to death.

Tactics can be even more sinister than forcing me to discard. MUTATE BIOWEAPON actually hides an egg in my hand that hatches into this awful MUTATE INTRUDER card!
If I can't play this wildly expensive card (and I can't!), I take 5 damage. 5! And even if I were smart enough to play it, it deploys a highly explosive, highly killable unit that will detonate on my own men when it dies! What kind of cruel beast could do this to me!?

Here's a tactic just as sinister if you know how to use it! REALITY SCRAMBLE takes the AP/HP of all the units in a lane and swaps them! You can use it to suddenly turn a 1/6 unit I'm ignoring into a 6/1 killer! Or if you're truly crafty, you could scramble my 0/7 unit into an impossible screaming puddle! Splorp!

There are 42 more tactic cards in Calculords for you to discover, Star Nerd. They heal, buff, boost, kill, distract, stun, and harass! My panic systems are overloading just thinking about the destructive combinations you will come up with!

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