Hello, handsome or beautiful Earth monster! I am FANCYBOT, and I serve at your pleasure. Allow me the honor of explaining Calculords. After all, you are the last Star Nerd, and the galaxy's only hope against the terror of HATE BIT.

Calculords is a 1 player card battle game set in outer space!

There are over 200 unique cards to collect!

Design and save up to 3 decks!

Cast your cards using number puzzles!

I know, it's weird! Let me explain, space pal! Each turn you are dealt both cards and numbers. It might look something like this:

On the top left of your COMMANDO card, you'll see has a cost of 20. This part is easy: add, subtract, or multiply your numbers until you can make that 20!

Okay, here's where it gets tricky: numbers vanish after you use them! If you're clever enough to clear all of your numbers, that's called a CALCULORD BONUS!! It earns you a fresh set of numbers to cast even more cards!

SPACE TEST: Hey, sir or ma'am! Can you see how to get both your COMMANDO and your CALCULORD BONUS in this example?


The object of the game is to get your units across the battlefield and kill your opponent's base. If something gets in your way, blast it into meat!!

The battlefield is broken up into 3 lanes, human. Do you spread your men out to defend them all or put everything you have into one daring assault?


There are 3 kinds of cards in Calculords. The first are OFFENSIVE UNITS. Their job is to dispose of enemy personnel. To kill. Period! Their big AP scores mean big damage!

PUSH UNITS are gentle in a gunfight, but their pushing helps you gain ground. And if you push an enemy into their own base, they explode no matter how many HP they have!

And finally: TACTICS. These cards do all kinds of things-- buff allies, kill enemies, block lanes, draw cards-- create deadly combos my robot brain would never expect!

  Crush your puny enemies with unit cards!

Control the battlefield with tactic cards!

View the dossiers on all enemy commanders!

Get equipped with these special abilities!

Go beyond victory by earning all 133 medals!

Bend strategy itself to your will: deck design!