Hello, radiant Earth friend! What a joy it is for me to give you more information on Calculords units!
You may have just learned that in this game, there are two main ROLES for units: OFFENSIVE and PUSH. They do what you'd expect. One kills and the other shoves.

Now you're about to learn the difference between the three TYPES of units: SOLDIERS, VEHICLES, AND MUTATES. Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, so enjoy these expanded details!


A humanoid running into a cosmic laser fight isn't the most durable thing in the galaxy, but you can't beat the low cost of soldiers. Let's look at some!

SMC GRUNT only costs you a single 2, which you will probably already have in your calculator. His 2 AP make him deadly enough to worry about, but his 1 HP means a light breeze will liquify him.

PSY BLASTER is tough to cast, but his PSYBLAST ability stuns every enemy in front of him for one turn. Also, he's a green card which means he can push those enemies back while they're helpless!

LOGISTICS OFFICER is as close to free as a unit gets. He costs 8 yet his TACTICIAN ability puts an 8 right back in your calculator. Plus, his RESUPPLY ability lets you draw another card!

Because soldiers get into the fight so easily, you're left with plenty of resources to reinforce them with more troops or buff them with tactic cards. At the very least, they are cheap ways to clog up the tracks of an approaching tank column! Speaking of tanks...


You get what you pay for with Calculords cards, and the expensive vehicle cards pack a lot of power!

Coming up with a 94 is quite a fuss, but not much can stand up to a shell from an SMC P2 MEGATANK. And good luck killing it! It has 8 HP and its ARMOR blocks 1 damage every time it's hit.

Bikes often give helpful bonuses to your units. This TRENCH BIKE gives two! Its STIMPACK gives 1 HP to your soldiers and TINKER gives the same buff to vehicles. That includes itself!

Nothing knocks your enemies back better than a HOVER DOZER. Its PUSHBACK ability give it an extra push each turn, and its FLYING lets it soar above hazards like land mines and grenades.

Don't fret, fierce pal! If you want to know what an ability icon means, you can bring up an expanded view of a card any time. This shows you its TYPE, details about its abilities, and which commander you need to defeat in order to win one!


For their cost, Mutates have a tremendous amount of offense. Their downfall is that they are grown from fungus and tend to fall apart at the slightest hint of a bullet.

At 2/1, FUNGOIDS seems like a small threat. However, the SQUAD 3 ability means this card deploys three FUNGOIDS. One SQUAD card can give you an instant column of troops!

This SERPOID isn't as fragile as he looks with his 1 HP. His COUNTER STRIKE ability lets him always strike first in combat. Most of his enemies won't ever get a chance to shoot!

The vicious MUTATE PRINCESS has the FRENZY ability. This gives her and her fellow mutates an extra AP as soon as she enters the battlefield!

This is just a taste, Earth friend! There are over 120 more unit cards to collect and battle in Calculords!

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